The Perfect Proposal

I've never been happier.

In late June, when Beau asked if we could go to Brooks Brothers to pick out new swim trunks before 4th of July I happily agreed. We had just been the previous week and in fact looked at swim trunks but who was I to argue with shopping. Beau seemed to have a plan for […]

Going to the Chapel

Such a wonderful 4th of July!

That’s right ladies and gents…Beau and I are getting married. I’ve never been so excited, overwhelmed, and anxious in my life.  It’s been nearly a month since he asked & I said yes and let me tell you the last 4 weeks have been quite the whirlwind. Beau proposed – in the most romantic way […]

Have you missed me?

I’m not even sure I remember how to do this. Push keys on keyboard, form words, form sentences, form thoughts.  Ok – maybe it’s a little like riding a bike.  Do I remember how to ride a bike? Can you believe it’s been over 6 months since I last posted?  How was your Halloween, or […]

Spook-tacular Times

Buffet Display

I’m not normally big on Halloween decor.  The traditional carved pumpkin, a couple of fake spider webs and I usually call it a day. Perhaps it’s because we now live in a kid riddled neighborhood, or perhaps it’s the single family home syndrome, but this year I went all out.  In fact, I’ve found that […]

Dog gone it


Life feels like it is moving at lightening speed. I have 1/2 a dozen projects going on & on top of my personal projects, the Etsy store has been a hit.  I’ve been cranking out little Hokie gift sets faster than I thought possible. Be sure to contact me if you need a little something […]

Field for a Feast


On Friday, I showed you a one of my recent (relatively speaking) projects:  our Tailgate table. Today I’m happy to share the tutorial to establish your own Field for a feast.  This project is so easy I feel silly showing a tutorial….but just in case. Supplies: Green Fabric of appropriate length & width for your […]


Wait…’s October?  When did that happen? I had/have so much to share with you but time flies when you’re having fun or working hard.  Since I’m so far behind, I’m going to pretend it’s September – because that’s what I have to talk about. In our house September signals FOOTBALL!  We’re a sports house, in […]

Grand Larceny


I have committed Grand Larceny, well maybe just petty theft, but this interview is far too good not to share. In the interest of giving credit where credit is due…I stole this from Erin Gates @ Elements of Style (who stole it from Garance Dore to be fair). Jenna Lyons is one of my ultimate […]

Fall is Back?


I must admit, I’m a bit jealous of all the Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and blog posts from my more Northern friends. I’ve read about your hunt for black skinny jeans, your delight in the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the heightened hectic mornings, and the new bite in the air.  It seems that as you […]

The weekend that keeps on giving.


So far we’ve talked about how AWESOME Bruce was, how ADORABLE my family is but let’s top off the weekend with how WONDERFUL my friends are. After rough housing with my nieces and catching up with Mumma, Pops, Auntie, & Peanut, Beau and I headed over to celebrate his bestie’s baby. Mr & Mrs. L […]

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